Are you looking for a flexible and well-paid career?

This industry is not an easy one. We make the lives of dentists and hygienists better. Well, at least those who work with us.

Eva Sadej & Lewis Chen

For Hygienists

Come grow with us

 We treat hygienists well and empower them to become more independent. Our hygienists own their customers, work the hours that best fit their lifestyle, set up their space to their liking, and get themselves out there as practitioners.  They also earn a significantly higher hourly rate. 

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For Dentists

This is a great opportunity for you to get ahead of the curve

  • We make use of your office chairs and basic equipment during the hours that you are not using it 
  • We increase awareness and foot traffic to your office
  • Our hygienists are fully licensed and you get to meet them
  • We ensure our bookings are such that you are able to supervise our hygienists under general or direct supervision at hours that are convenient for you
  • We enable patients coming through our platform to be served by the hygienists and bring you the organic referral business so you can do the more advanced work should it be needed
  • You have first rights to advanced business we find from the patients treated in your office
  •  You become associated with a high quality brand that is helping Americans get the care they need and in an environment that facilitates their comfort