NO more wasted sick days or time spent in waiting rooms – do dental with us


In and out in 45 minutes, flexible booking system, no paperwork, open weekends and evenings – Floss Bar makes routine dental care seamless and available at half the New York price. And yes, we take insurance.


Deep Cleanings

In-office Teeth Whitenings

X-Rays, EXAMS &


Floss, Polish & Go

Advanced Care


"Floss bar is an amazing new organization that really caters to individuals that are pressed For time."

Jasheem F


it’s time to prioritize your mouth

Going to the dentist is something we often postpone due to long wait times, inconvenient business hours, and high costs. What few know though is that regular hygienist visits are a crucial part of your wellness regime and necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

You need a healthy mouth to have a healthy body

Most Americans (80%!) today have gingivitis, a gum disease that can progress into other serious conditions and even tooth loss. If the body is burdened with inflamed gums, the immune system will be busy fighting that instead of other inflammations such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, pregnancy issues, and even certain types of cancers. In other words, if you don’t take care of your mouth, you will be more susceptible to develop other serious conditions and diseases! 


The Floss bar difference 

Regular Office

15-35 minute wait

Soonest availability in 2 weeks


Floss Bar Office

0-10 minute wait

Next day availability

Best pricing in town


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