What Services Does Floss Bar Offer?


Standard Teeth Cleaning

Professional Whitening

Standard Teeth Cleaning

Standard Teeth Cleaning

  • Adult Cleaning (Insurance or $99)
  • Simple Flossing, Polishing, and Mouthwash Shot ($15)
  • Deep Scaling and Root Planing (Insurance or $199 for 2 Quads)
  • Professional in-office whitening ($199)
  • Take-home whitening kit ($75)

X-Rays & Diagnostics

  • Pre-diagnostic package includes X-rays, Intraoral Camera, Oral Cancer Screening, and Periodontal Probing. Our hygienists do the work and a dentist personally calls you to discuss their findings.  (Insurance or $59)
  • We can also arrange for a dental exam at your visit if you would like one with a dentist onsite (Insurance or $59)

Clear braces consultation - complimentary

  • Curious? It only takes us 10 minutes to assess your candidacy for Invisalign with our certified orthodontists and explain a full customized treatment plan to you
  • Flexible payment plan so you don't have to break the bank
  • You have a choice between Invisalign or one of its competitors

Does Floss Bar take my insurance?

For customers with insurance: Our offices vary regarding what insurances they take, and will continue to vary as we grow. We double-check for you that you are indeed covered at the location you booked before we treat you, else we reroute you. There is no such thing as being surprised by your bill. If you have a question about whether we take your insurance, just book an appointment, fill out your forms,  and we will get back to you with very clear guidance.

For customers without insurance:  We ensure you get discounts that are basically off the charts. See prices above.