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Did you know that Americans spend 164M work hours getting dental care outside the office? And that’s just the 60% of them that actually go!

Your employees will love your for hosting an onsite dental care (or week) for them and their families with Floss Bar!  Get them professional dental services (cleaning, x-rays, whitening, and even a flossing tutorial) right in their workplace conference room.

It's an odd concept, yes. But incredibly safe and fun. A number of Fortune 1000 companies are doing it.

And with us? It costs them nothing.


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Dental illness is the most common of all chronic health concerns and accounts for significant loss of workforce productivity and high health care premiums. 

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Half of Americans avoid the dental office every year, and 80% have gingivitis. This problem exists across all demographics.

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Over 60% of the 164M work-hours spent by Americans getting dental care are actually spent traveling and waiting., due to industry inefficiencies.

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Floss Bar has full-service dental offices plus a network of mobile teams which can come directly to your offices. The unique business model allows for the best prices, and  preventative care services are literally FREE for insured companies, and thoughtfully priced for others.

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It's very simple.  There is no setup fee. Our professional hygienists and dentists come onsite, outfit your room, do a great job, ensure everyone has fun, clean up, and go.  Then we can refer you for more advanced care at local dental offices we deem ethical.


What sets us apart from the typical onsite dental service:

  • Removing incentives to upsell and overtreat: Dentists make substantially higher profits treating patients for serious and non-routine issues than they do for preventative care. Hence, despite an ethical philosophy, financial incentives are aligned to upsell treatments, over-treat, and make issues seem more urgent than they are. At Floss Bar, second opinions are free of charge from local providers and our tele-dentists. Patients are given the choice to receive treatment through the dentist assigned for the day, or to receive a second-opinion and follow-up care from a pool of dentists in the Floss Bar network or even their own dentist. Their digital records are transferred promptly to their selected provider.  

  • Consumer Psychology. The Floss Bar method of care has been developed through focus groups with millennial patients. Scripts of what the hygienists say have been vetted and approved by this demographic and our dentists and incorporated as part of the brand experience. For example, our research has show that patients fear the question “How often do you floss?” as it starts an appointment creating a situation where the patient feels embarrassed and inadequate. Providers can easily approximate the patient’s frequency of flossing through a visual and/or tactile assessment. Instead, patients are asked “Can I show you the c-shape flossing technique?” and afterwards ask “It’s recommended twice a day for good health.” Our clinicians focus more on education versus mandate.

  • A-la-carte: The onsite wellness model requires a major shift in mindset. Offering a menu of a-la-carte services that complements traditional delivery outlets, while a subtle difference, is a wholly different delivery model aimed at replacing the status quo where the provider chooses the services the patient will receive in as a pre-fix menu. In the case of a-la-carte, patients select their preferences and are educated on the pros and cons of other options without the pressure to immediate choose another option in place of preventative care. The philosophy held by all of the Floss Bar’s dentists is that no one should be denied preventative care (the simple recommended cleaning & x-rays 2x a year) until they receive a more advanced non-routine treatment, except in rare edge cases.

  • No need for additional budget. Floss Bar comes onsite at no cost to the employer, and insured employees are billed the same way as if they had gone outside for a regular dental appointment in their insurance network. Floss Bar takes all major PPO insurances. Employees who have opted out of dental coverage pay modest fees of $95 a cleaning and $65-$85 for x-rays. This way, the company wellness budget is not impacted or an obstacle.

  • Onsite provider choice. Floss Bar recommends that the employer selects for hygienists to come onsite to the workplace in the dentists supervise remotely. Hygienists are fully licensed to perform the basic dental services Floss Bar promotes and are specifically trained throughout their schooling as caretakers and preventative health coaches. Furthermore, they are under-employed in the USA as dental margins become tighter and dentists elect to perform their own hygiene services to reduce cost and Americans continue to avoid preventative care. Floss Bar is actively on a social mission to bring them to the forefront. However, if the client is more comfortable with a dentist, Floss Bar can easily bring one in for no additional cost.


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