Healthy Mouths mean
healthy and productive employees

The average full-time employee in America works 47 hours a week. The average American dental office is open for 33 hours a week. Guess how many of those hours overlap? 99%. This effectively means, your employees will either miss work or take a sick day to go to the dentist. Or worse, they skip it entirely.

The problem is that gingivitis (gum disease) is so common in America, a condition that can lead to severe health conditions if left untreated, not just affecting the mouth but the entire body! Regular hygienist appointments are the best way to treat gingivitis and keep your employees healthy and productive.

With Floss Bar, your employees can take care of their dental appointments seamlessly without missing work. Contact us today to discuss our corporate wellness programs.


"The service was friendly and communicative - no surprises, which was important to me as someone who can't stand getting work done on my teeth."

Shannon M


Reality Could Use Some Cleaning Up

•   Over 80% of Americans have gingivitis, a preventable condition which causes our gums to swell and for us to walk around with open channels for 500 species of bacteria to enter our bloodstreams.... As we eat, speak, kiss our loved ones, bite our finger nails...

•   Regular dental hygiene has been statistically shown to add 6.5 years to your life

•   In the US, over 30% of the insured and 50% of the uninsured are avoiding dental appointments due to fear of price and time


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