Floss Bar Offers On-Site Wellness Days for Startups and Corporates

Our hygienists can come directly to your offices and clean 6-12 mouth in a single day, or 60 mouths in a week. That's over 1900 teeth! We are equipped to do that, because we know that empowering the busy sometimes involves coming directly to them.

Our hygiene team shows up, sets up, cleans teeth, gives out swag, and leaves.

We can also host a lunch & learn about the health impacts of poor dental hygiene and how the dental industry works to prevent disruption (a truly fascinating topic, we think).

Your team gets educated on how to stay healthy, is happy to have a treat, and you save untold hours of employee personal days wasted on dental appointments.








It involves barely any logistics on your side

Shoot us an email 2 weeks in advance, book us a single opaque conference room for the day, blast some emails with our scheduling link, and give out swag. There's literally no other work for you. We'll verify your company insurance or do the credit card billing online with whoever is paying for each service, you or your employees directly or your insurance carrier. There is no up-charge or anything for us to show up. Your conference room basically becomes a dental office for a day. That's all that happens, in a nutshell.

Curious about our business model?

Interested in our philosophy?

Need references before you try it? 

Interested in the taking a look at the price list?

Let's do it! Email [email protected] or call us at 800-219-3550 to get started.