Two disruptors, one mission - Floss Bar and BOKA are joining forces

We are excited to officially announce our partnership with Boka, the innovative oral care line with natural, science backed ingredients! Together we are stronger and can take bigger and faster steps towards giving more people access to better and preventive oral care. 

It all starts in the mouth

Let's start by painting you a little picture, and it's not pretty. 90% of us are walking around with disease and cavities in our mouths. That's a fact. Another fact is that oral health is the foundation of overall health but few are considering it that way. Preventive health is now associated with sleep, diet and exercise, yet the mouth is left out of the conversation. It shouldn't be. The United States Surgeon General actually refers to this as the “Silent Epidemic.” Inflammation and bacteria enter into our bloodstream via the mouth and not only wreak havoc on the immune system, but have also been linked to fatal diseases, such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, and Alzheimer's. 

The products we use are not helping

We've been told to use commercial brands of toothpaste and mouthwash that contain industrial chemicals our mouths can't even pronounce, but have you considered this, our gums absorb what we put into our mouth at an even higher speed than our hands absorb lotion. Could it be that we are just using these commercial brands because they are available and on sale, and because it's what our dentists hand us in sample size when we leave? Could it be that these brands may not be the best option for our oral health and wellness? Another problem is that the only alternative has been using a natural toothpaste that doesn't contain science-backed ingredients.

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It all starts in the mouth 

Let's take better care of yours

A winning prescription for prevention

Not to worry, friends, we are here and we are working to change the situation. We'd like to get you on the right track by making some much-needed changes to your morning and evening routine as well as your professional cleaning frequency. Pairing Boka's innovative, science-backed and natural products for home care with the amazing seamlessness of Floss Bar making regular professional dental cleanings way more accessible, we got ourselves a winning prescription for prevention, better oral as well as overall health. 

Oral disease may be the most prevalent disease in the body with wide ranging implications, however, it’s also the most preventable. The symbiotic relationship between one’s homecare routine and visiting the dentist regularly are significant. This is why Floss Bar and Boka, have proved to be the perfect marriage.  

We all now understand that sleep, diet and exercise are essential to whole body health. In fact, according to Dr. Rudi Tanzi and Deepak Chopera’s new book,Super Gene’s, 96% of disease is lifestyle-related. It’s time to take a stand on the most important part of preventive health that we aren’t considering: our mouth.  

 From left: Boka's Founder & CEO James Hagen, Floss Bar's Founder & CEO Eva Sadej and the Chief Strategic Officer of both brands, Farhad Attaie

From left: Boka's Founder & CEO James Hagen, Floss Bar's Founder & CEO Eva Sadej and the Chief Strategic Officer of both brands, Farhad Attaie