I forgot my toothbrush!

SOS, dental emergency!

Ever been away on a trip and realized you forgot your toothbrush? It’s happened to the best of us, but, what to do in these situations?

next time it happens, remember these top tips from OUR IN-HOUSE DENTAL EXPERT, YASMIN CHEBBI, DMD

  • If you are at a hotel, ask the receptionist for a dental kit, they usually have toothpaste and a toothbrush pack available for guests.
  • Drink plenty of water and rinse vigorously with water after a meal to disrupt the food and bacteria laying on your teeth.
  • Wrap a small piece of paper towel around your finger and apply a bit of toothpaste if you have it. Brush your teeth in circular motions just as you would with a regular toothbrush. Rinse out with water when done.
  • Try to avoid sticky and sugary foods until you get a proper toothbrush. Vegetables and crunchy fruits like apples are great snacks in these situations; they are low in sugar and help clean plaque from teeth.

Remember, these are just quick remedies in case of a toothbrush emergency. Get a toothbrush as soon as possible!


Meet Alyssa - wellness blogger, fitness enthusiast and Floss bar patient

At Floss Bar, we love our patients who helps us spread important health and wellness tips to others. This week, we caught up with Alyssa Brieloff, the creator of the Zen Tribe

Floss Bar: Hey Alyssa, Tell us about about you and what you do?

Alyssa: I am a wellness lifestyle blogger living in NYC. My blog, The Zen Tribe provides tips for living a more "hoLYSStic" life.  

Floss Bar: What is your home teeth cleaning routine like?

Alyssa: I always have suffered from sensitive teeth, so I use Sensodyne as my main toothpaste. I floss 2x a day and sometimes use oil pulling or charcoal for whitening and detoxing. My favorite floss is cocofloss from Credo Beauty.

Floss Bar: What did you have done at Floss Bar and how was your experience? 

Alyssa: I got the teeth whitening treatment and it went really well. I was nervous because of my sensitivity and my gag reflex, however, the staff took exceptional care of my needs and concerns. 

Floss Bar: How often do you generally go to the dentist or hygienist? 

Alyssa: I visit my dentist every 6 months for a routine cleaning.

Floss Bar: What are your best wellness tip for a busy person?

Alyssa: Bring your favorite healthy snacks with you on-the-go so you aren't obligated to purchase an unhealthy option. 

I pack my favorite items with me in my bag the night before depending on my schedule the next day. I usually pack a bag of almonds, a travel water bottle, my primally pure organic deodorant, natural hand sanitizer, and crystals for protection.

Floss Bar: Favorite healthy food spots in nyc? 

Alyssa: Sweetgreen, HU Kitchen, By Chloe, Springbone

Floss Bar: Favorite exercise routine, how do you keep in shape? 

Alyssa: SoulCycle, yoga, barre

Check out Alyssa's blog here.


are you Kissable for Valentine’s Day?

Bad breath is a kissing deal breaker, don’t let it happen to you! 

Our in-house expert Yasmin Chebbi, DMD comes to the rescue with her best tricks to avoid bad breath and get you ready for Valentines. 

  • Pack the floss:

Got dinner plans? Steer clear of dishes with garlic and onions as these can cause bad breath. If you go there, bring floss with you to dinner and pop a mint or some sugar free gum afterwards.

  • When was the last time you had a proper clean?

Chronic bad breath, or halitosis, is caused by nasty bacteria lurking in our mouths. They can be hiding in our gums, teeth, or even tongue! Ahead of Valentines, be extra careful and make sure you are brushing at least two times a day and flossing at least once a day- and don’t forget to brush your tongue with a tongue scraper! If you still feel you have bad breath, it means it’s time for a dental visit

  • Reach for the white wine

Valentines is also a day of desserts and wine- yummy indulgences that can cause cavities and stain your teeth! My best tips are to avoid chewy and gummy candies that can stick to the teeth. White wine and dark chocolate are better choices. 

  • Ditch the cigarettes

Smoking is terrible for your oral health, causes bad breath, and stains your teeth yellow.  Whitening is a great option to take your smile to the next level, but really, just quit smoking already! 

  • Floss, Polish & Go!

Have you tried New York's fave pre-date night staple yet, the Floss, Polish and Go? A quick 10 minute treatment that will leave you feel fresh, minty and ready for your big night. 

Kiss valentines.jpg

Are you grinding your teeth at night?

OUR IN-HOUSE DENTAL EXPERT, YASMIN CHEBBI, DMD, Is back to talk to us about teeth grinding

Do you ever wake up tired with a sore jaw? It could be nocturnal bruxism.  Bruxism, or grinding, can be triggered by stress, anxiety, depression, caffeine, smoking, heavy alcohol use and sleep disorders. Grinding not only disturbs your sleep, it can also cause gum problems, jaw pain, and in worst case fractured teeth!

grinding teeth.jpg

You might be grinding your teeth at night if:

  • You wake up with headaches, pain in the shoulders, or soreness in the jaw
  • You wake up tired
  • Your bed partner notices you make grinding noises while you sleep
  • You snore

Your dentist may be able to determine if you grind from many reasons including a jaw that clicks or “pops” and noticing areas of wear on the tops of your teeth.

If you think you are grinding your teeth at night, visit your dentist to ask about the best treatment option for you. You will sleep better, wake up refreshed, and save your teeth and jaw from damage!

Teeth Grinding Guide created by Schererville & Chesterton Family Dentistry

Help us give out smiles WITH Volunteers of America this February

We at Floss Bar is a fast-growing brand on a big mission. We are working towards helping the nation achieve better health by making basic dental care seamless and less expensive.
We know that over 40% of American’s are not going to the dentist, and price is a major factor why. Therefore, as a way of keeping our promise and work on our mission, we started our pro-bono dentistry program

10% of our February 2018 PROFITS will GO TO PRO-BONO DENTISTRY PROGRAM

We want to make sure that individuals with financial constrains will also have access to basic dental care, and in February we have teamed up with Volunteers of America to give 20 families in need clean teeth at a NYC Shelter of their choice.

So, make sure to time your booking for February and help us give out more smiles!

Charities – apply for pro-bono dentistry with us

Are you an organization that support people who could benefit from Floss Bar’s pro-bono dentistry? Oral hygiene is a key part of overall health, help us help people in need, apply here to become a Floss Bar charity partner.

family .jpg
Volunteers of America is the charity that always steps forward to help the most vulnerable. For over 121 years, we have taken on the most difficult tasks to help the most underserved.

Volunteers of America is the charity that always steps forward to help the most vulnerable. For over 121 years, we have taken on the most difficult tasks to help the most underserved.

Floss Bar's mobile team can bring hygienists directly to you!

At Floss Bar, we are constantly looking at ways to do dental differently and bring innovation to an industry that is in desperate need for it. With over 40% of Americans avoiding the dentist, we figured something must be missing. What we are really trying to address is why people aren’t going. There are three major obstacles; people are scared to go, it is too expensive and it is very inconvenient as dentists keep traditional opening times - basically the times where the average American is the most busy. 

Our offices are open evenings and weekends and staffed with only the friendliest hygienists. All booking, forms and payments is online. We take all the major insurances.

But now it has become even easier. Our mobile team can show up at your workplace or your home!

Dental vans won't work in NYC

Unsurprisingly, dental innovation indeed reached the employees of Google, Facebook and Yahoo in Silicon Valley. They get their dental done in luxury vans in their parking lots. Sure, that sounds nice and convenient, but it's not a solution for cities like NYC where parking is near impossible. 

How is Floss Bar’s mobile dentistry the solution?

We bring dentistry directly to your home or office. We offer our team mobile services for half the NYC price. You are done within 45 minutes and you don’t have to waste any time commuting or in the waiting room. Instead of dental vans, we make things even easier and bring the dental chair to your office, our own water supply and of course our 5-star hygienists. 

Want an exclusive? 

We are also rolling out a service for executives who have been neglecting their health and teeth for too long due to hectic workdays. Now you can book an exclusive dental cleaning just for you, in the comfort of your own office or home! 

This is how it works:

1. Book a day from the bookings page. Let us know if your team is using insurance, credit cards, or a mix of of both.

2. We will alert you when we have created an event for you

3. Send your people to book using the event link we give you

So talk to your team and let’s make this happen or book your executive appointment here

Floss Bar Means: 

  • Half the average NYC price
  • Weekend and evening availability 
  • Covering all major insurance plans
  • No paperwork or waiting times
  • Our innovative mobile team can come to you
Mobile dentistry.JPG

Coffee Breath...Is it Really Just the Smell?

Coffee is, without a doubt, the most popular drug in the world. In the US alone, a total of 700M cups are consumed in a single day.

We at Floss Bar love coffee. Yes, it stains your teeth. But if it gives your morning energy and is a great warm beverage to share with your colleagues. If you like it, we will not stop you. We want you to love life and do the things that enable a productive lifestyle.

We do, however, care about coffee breath. Did you know coffee breath is not just the smell of coffee…it’s the smell of the bacteria eating the sugars in your mouth…laced with coffee. If the smell of coffee and coffee breath were exact…would you actually choose the coffee flavored ice cream at Baskin Robins? We wouldn’t.

So how does your lovely coffee, a sterile beverage we would hope, become a special platform for bacteria? It’s because the chemicals in coffee slow down saliva production. The saliva in your mouth usually sloshes the bacteria around, disrupting it. But with coffee, the lack of saliva creates a perfectly undisturbed environment for the 500 species of bacteria which already exist in the mouth to multiply as rapidly as possible.

Not a great picture.

To offset the effects of coffee, just get your regular dental care and, if possible, up your game on what you normally do – eat more fruit which can help clean off stains in the interim, drink water to clear your palate, and brush after.

Bacteria grow exponentially...so the more bacteria you start with, the more you end up with, and the smellier you become. It’s that simple.


Tips from our dentists & hygienists - When to NOT brush your teeth

Get the lowdown on when to SKIP teeth brushing from one of our in-house dental experts, Yasmin Chebbi, DMD

Brushing and flossing your teeth 2-3 times a day is a vital part of keeping your teeth and gums in tip top shape. Yet, there are a few key times when brushing your teeth may do more harm than good!   

So, when should you avoid brushing your teeth?

  • Right before a meal, especially with acidic foods (think citrus foods). When we brush our teeth, we temporarily remove the good biofilm that protects our teeth from cavity causing culprtis. 
  • Right after a meal. After we eat, the acid from the food we eat temporarily weakens the ename in our teeth until our teeth have a change to remineralize. Brushing right after a meal causes damage to our temporarily weakened enamel. 
  • Right after vomiting. After we vomit, our natural instinct is to grab the toothbrush and give our teeth a good wash. Don't! The acid from our stomach is very strong and weakens the enamel in our teeth. Brushing would cause extreme stress to our enamel. 

My top tips:

  • Swish your mouth with room temperature water for 10-20 seconds right after an acid exposure to gently rinse away debris and neutralize the pH of our mouths. 
  • Try waiting at least 15-20 minutes after acid exposure to brush your teeth. This gives your teeth a chance to remineralize and strengthen with the natural minerals in your mouth.


We at Floss Bar are all about holistic wellness, and we know that taking care of just some parts of your body just doesn't cut it! You need to look at yourself and take care of yourself as a whole, and this includes your mouth and teeth in order to optimize your wellbeing. 

Since 40% of Americans today are not going to the dentist, it is clear that few know that oral health plays such and important role to overall wellness and systemic health, and we see it as our responsibility to educate more people about this common misconception. 


So why is it so important to take care of your teeth? Let's break it down. We keep banging on about the fact that around 80% of Americans have gingivitis today, or gum disease. This is significant as it can progress into more serious conditions and even tooth loss if you don't do anything about it. Think about it, if the body is burdened with inflamed gums, hundreds of species of bacteria will have free access to enter your bloodstream and the immune system will be busy fighting that instead of other inflammations such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, pregnancy issues, and even certain types of cancers, leaving your more susceptible to develop other serious conditions and diseases! 

A scary example - pregnant women are generally more prone to develop gum disease, and research has found a link between the condition with early births. It is estimated that 18 out of a 100 premature births are triggered by gum disease and this can of course affect a developing baby's health as well. 


With gum disease being such a massive problem in America, we think there is also a massive knowledge gap on how to avoid it and the fact that it can be detrimental to overall health. By keeping your mouth in check by regular professional cleanings and a solid home cleaning routine in between appointments, you will not only be on your path to better overall health, you will also be able to save a lot on general health care costs as the body will be more fit to fight other inflammations naturally. Of course, make sure you eat right and exercise too!

Floss Bar is changing the traditional way to go to the dentist to help more people access the preventive care they desperately need. With untraditional opening hours and better pricing, we hope to get the 40% of Americans currently not going to the dentist to start coming in regularly! 

This is how we help!

Woman smiling.jpg

Tips from our dentists & hygienists - do this not that to your teeth

At Floss Bar, we are all about education! Our lovely hygienist Brittany Lock has compiled this teeth pro guide for you guys, take note! 

Do… TRY to brush and floss 2-3 times a day…
Don't… Be too hard on yourself if you forget a night or two...more than likely you will still have teeth in the morning….

Do… Use an electric toothbrush to remove more plaque along the gumline
Don't... Freak out if you cant find or dont have an ETB,,,, using small circles near the gumline with your regular tb will get the job done just fine.

Do… Floss using the “C” shape method
Don't… Floss with the “sea saw” method.. We at Flossbar have taught you better than that by now!!! 

Don't... Forget to brush your tongue.
Do… Brush gently on your tongue….If you brush too hard you may actually hurt the tastebuds. 


Not sure about that squid ink toothpaste?

Do… Try the latest and greatest gadgets that the dental world has to offer. 
Don't… Rush into trying the latest dental fads without doing a little research first. Be smart, if it doesnt seem right, don’t try it… Maybe research that “squid ink” toothpaste…


Do… Try to incorporate a mouthwash during your morning/night time routine...
Don't… Forget that those old school rinses that taste like rubbing alcohol aren’t the only ones available. There are actually several rinses on the market that don’t have any alcohol in them, but rather essential oils which provide the same clean feeling. 

Do… Share your dental knowlege from Floss/polish/Go with others!
Don't… Share your toothbrush with others…. Just saying…

Big smile.jpg