What is Floss Bar?

No shaming, no up-selling, no surprise fees, no waiting times

We are an NYC start-up disrupting the dental market with a social mission to get more people the preventative dental care they need. With over 80% of Americans suffering from gingivitis (a gum disease that can cause tooth loss or serious illnesses if left untreated), we want to make basic dental care more accessible, affordable and seamless so it fits into our busy lives and prevents people getting sick. We do this by making experienced hygienists the front line of our operation and introducing a whole new level of efficiency into the dental experience.


48% of young adults have untagged a Facebook picture because they don't like their smile. We won't let that happen to you!


Floss Bar means:

• Appointment slots available on evenings and weekends

• Transparent and reasonable pricing (half the price compared to NYC average)

• Being able to choose times that best suit your schedule

• No paperwork and no unnecessary waiting times

• We take insurance