Going to THe Dentist has never been more convenient.


The care you need, minus the stress. 45 minute appointments, online booking, after hours availability on evenings and weekends – Floss Bar offers high quality, routine dental care at thoughtful prices. And yes, we take insurance.


Deep Cleaning

In-office Teeth   Whitening

X-Rays, EXAMS &


Floss, Polish & Go  TOUCH-UP


The Floss bar difference 

Regular Office

"You said the wait is HOW long?"

Book your appointment 6 months in advance.

Painfully expensive.

Use up a vacation day just for your office visit.

Floss Bar

Appointments start on time. Novel concept, right?

Come in on a whim - we've got next day availability.

You'll have cash left over for happy hour.

Stop by on the weekend, or right after work.



Let's be real. No one likes a dirty mouth.

it’s time to prioritize your Smile

Your smile is important for every first impression. 48% of adults say it's your most memorable feature  (first date or job interview, anyone?) But it's also EXTREMELY important for your overall health. Your mouth is the gateway to your body, and an unhealthy mouth is just as bad as eating ice cream for every meal or counting Instagram scrolling as exercise.

Ok, those are worse, but still.  

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